The Dot-chans Just Gifted Us A Little Creative License…

In seems that even in a world where our dearly beloved shoegaze idols have been spirited off the mortal plane, we will (thankfully) never truly be left behind in a totally Dot-chan less world. Even now the ethereal beings slowly unravel little parting gifts that will allow us to continue reaping the rewards of their time on Earth.

The Dots dropped their final album “Points” last week, (along with a 7″ single!) gathering up their remaining unreleased tracks. There will be a review of that album here in the next day or so, so watch out for that a bit later! But let’s talk about this newest offering first…

While “PD” could certainly mean “Post Dots”, in this case, it stands for “Public Domain”, as in certain works in the Dot-chan universe have been placed into the care of all of us. Now before you start pressing your own Dots merch and bootlegs, keep in mind that there’s still ownership and restrictions that apply here!

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Babymetal Played ‘Syncopation’ Live at the White Mass and Here’s the Audio

I’m sure that many of you have seen/heard this by now, but Babymetal‘s event in Osaka on Monday included the first-ever live performance of the not-released-outside-of-Japan-until-like-last-week “Syncopation.” I grabbed this from the Mexican fans group on Facebook, but it’s finding its way just about everywhere.

By the magic of the Internet, though the old video was scrubbed from Facebook, this one now exists from Red Night!

160919_TOKYO DOME_BABYMETAL_Shinkopation by ih8KZQwj

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