I Finally Got to See One of Force Video!

One of my subtle favorite things in idol is when you stop paying attention to a project, or it goes quiet for a long-ass while, and then you’re randomly looking for hilarious dank memes some random afternoon and … wait, those two girls look familiar, but that’s not what I know them from. What the heck is going on?

That’s One of Force (Twitter), who you may remember as Atelier di Marionette, who had that one pretty cool song but always seemed to struggle to break out in the weirder-venued corners of the Osaka scene. Continue reading

It’s Called ‘Poison Girl’ and That’s Good Enough for Me

Don’t ask me where and how I first wound up following Production Axcis (that’s a company, not a group) and their Atelier di marionetta (pretty much literally, “dolls factory”*) on Twitter, but I’ve always been kind of confused about it and the two young women associated with it. I even did a search of old stuff on here just to make sure that I hadn’t previously written about them and forgotten it — nope.

So! They just (well, Friday) dropped this full-length MV on YouTube. The song is called “Poison Girl,” and though you’re probably seeing this in the morning, just try to imagine that you’re listening to it on the way to the three-story club that only cards on the first and third levels and mostly plays shit like Prodigy and Chemical Brothers and Skrillex on that coveted second floor, where you’re looking forward to drinking too much and getting stuck in a weird pelvic tangle with two strangers in leather who seem nice enough until they actually invite you back to their place and your brain immediately turns “their place” into “torture chamber” and you hurriedly find your friends and escape. Good night!

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