WACK Wins by Having Nothing to Apologize For

All of my reactions to WACK news lately seems to be along the lines of “well, that happened.”

It all started on Friday, with this foreboding billboard atop Shibuya’s famous 109 building:

“We haven’t done anything yet, but we apologize in advance?”

Well, that’s ominous. Granted, I can think of many things WACK should apologize for, but this is now. Well, the future. Eyebrows were raised. Questions were asked. Just what exactly is this future scandal WACK have had to apologize in advance for? It got even worse when Watanabe tweeted out the words many a WACK fan dread; “Announcement at 24:00.” There was panic, theorizing (mostly from me) when eventually, the fateful moment came. Continue reading

Mea Culpa

I just wanted to make this public: Your friendly neighborhood Maniac isn’t perfect.

You may have noticed a hubbub around Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da over the last few days. Before that story broke the other night, I had already seen some tweets mentioning some trouble with the group, friends asking friends, that sort of thing. Despite definitely not being a journalist, I still try to give credit where it’s due and at least refer directly to where I first saw or heard a thing. In that spirit, the original version of the post on the news from Zenkimi included an embedded tweet from a reader.

That person took exception, I apologized and revised the whole thing (additional info was flowing in by then, anyway), and it would/could have been water under the bridge. But I’ve been annoyed with the whole episode ever since, so I just want to make this public. Continue reading