Maybe This Will Pique Your Interest in Aphrodite

Or, Wherein Maniac finally publishes a thing that’s a few months old.

We seem to be in one of those semi-regular doldrums period for idol, don’t we? I thought it was just a blip at first, given that summer singles were still popping up here and there, but no, it’s real. There’s like nothing new! And at these times, it’s helpful to take a look at new things. After all, mid-to-late spring is a big time for idol debuts; likewise, there are usually so many debuts that “catching up” means “see you in several months.” Silver lining: It makes for a manageable editorial calendar!

However, normal, useful, interesting idol stuff can get lost in the churning gluts of idol activity, and it can be just as useful to play catch up at opportune moments as well. Take for example Aphrodite, who are neither new nor particularly unfamiliar, neither in these parts nor if you pay any kind of attention to chika idol. This post was originally going to be an Aphrodite Digest! Why? Because they were doing lots of stuff! In April!

Yes, “lots of stuff” refers directly to a membership shake-up (of course) and going on one of those single-per-month-for-three-months things, which itself culminated in: Continue reading

New Look, New Stuff from Aphrodite

Before going on a months-long expedition to distant, monster-inhabited parts unknown*, Mr. Viz Major shared something that he knew would probably get me irrationally excited for at least a few minutes, which is to say live video of Aphrodite:

You look different, Aphrodite. You sound different, too. Did you get a makeover or something? Continue reading

Aphrodite’s ‘My Sweet Bach’ Video, Now in Full

Ah, it finally happened: Aphrodite, a project that I remain convinced could become a thing, had teased us with “My Sweet Bach” before, but they pushed out the full version yesterday:

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It’s the New Aphrodite in Action

I’ve been feeling a little up and down about what to do with Indie Idol Wednesday, you guys, because a lot of things are possible to do, but a lot of it would just be coming back to things we’ve look at recently, or there are (this happens a lot!) new things that I’d rather show off in a different context, so what’s a Maniac to do?

Why, what about looking up a somewhat familiar face that’s going through some changes, and give them a little featured spot.

So! Remember Aphrodite? Pure Idol Heart was where I first heard about this project, now in like its 78th iteration, having employed everything from underground veterans to straight-up pro gravure models; the one constant has been that they’re interesting, for lack of a better word. Continue reading

True Goddesses of Love and War? Judge Aphrodite for Yourself

A lot goes into a name, I feel. At Day Job, we take a lot about “brand promise,” that we create expectations in people and are basically duty-bound to deliver on those expectations, and a lot of that brand promise can be communicated just with a name.

So when you see idols called Aphrodite, I think that paints a bit of a picture (and not the Botticelli, you weirdos). What do we get?

That’s Aphrodite (Twitter). I’m not sure when their actual origin was, but I first came across them via Pure Idol Heart about a year ago and spent a lot of time listening through their Soundcloud to figure out this (at the time) neo-classical alt-EDM … it’s hard to describe, but you can see it if you go back to the origins.

Nowadays, though, they’re doing “dramatic rock” (yes, they are!) and are on a little bit of a tear, as you may have noticed that they’re on a lot of bills these days.

Listen to the whole thing:

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