Ano, Awesome, Drops Single, Also Awesome

Who’s your favorite currently-solo-but-used-to-not-be idol?

Since her departure from You’ll Melt More! what feels like half a lifetime ago, Ano’s been … well, being Ano. She was always the most numerically popular member because of her various projects outside of the music, and was able to focus on things like modeling in particular since graduating, but of course wasn’t going to just up and ignore the musical side of things. I personally only follow the music when it comes to idols, so if this was long in the making, I just plain missed it until yesterday:

Digital single release! What serendipitous timing. And now it’s here! Continue reading

I Think We All Melt a Little More Today, Yes

This is far from what I wanted to see when I popped open Team chat this morning:

Ano, long-time member of You’ll Melt More! and one of the most popular individuals in the idol game, has withdrawn from the group.

The official statements from management: Continue reading

I’m Scrapping My WTF Tuesday Plans to Bring You This

I swear, you guys, I was going with some pretty standard WTF fare for Tuesday, and then You’ll Melt More! tweeted out this … this. Hold on to your butts.

That’s Ano with something called TOWA TEI (first I’m hearing of it!), and you’re welcome. Continue reading

Inside the Homicidol Mind: Ano’s Harrowing Life

I was the recipient of a little poke the other night (the friendly kind, not the I’m-trying-to-bust-through-your-rib-cartilage-and-puncture-your-lung kind), and it was our old pal Kayseur with a newly translated IDOL AND READ interview from issue 007, this one featuring none other than one of idol’s more interesting personalities:

This is gonna be good. Continue reading