Your Homicidols Weekender #204

Good morning? Feeling spooky yet? I’m going to make a point that I’m also making at least one other time in posts today — idol Halloween is going to be weird this year. I’m actually putting more effort than usual into prepping here at Maniac Mansion. I need something creative to do, after all! For mental health reasons, I decided to just lean into the deeply disturbing world around us, at least until Christmas, and wouldn’t you know, it makes me want to make things. Weird.

Anyway, idol Halloween may be atypically atypical this year, but it seems like everybody’s in on the season. Between new releases and because-we-cans and there being a lot more lives these days, there’s just an absolute butt-ton of idol stuff this week. Dig in, friends!


Show me something better for Halloween season than GARUDA live clips:

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It’s ‘ALiVE’! Living Dead I Dolls’ First MV

Oh, happy Friday to me! We just kind of recently got a nice chunk of live video out of Living Dead I Dolls, and now they’re ready to really put themselves before the world with their first MV. I don’t think I need to say for what, given that you’re clearly a literate person:

I’m kind of rooting harder for LDID than most because they’re one of the very first idol projects that I’ve gotten to experience from their literal very beginning, and it’s been educational to see them develop (positively) and get to the point where they’re publicly releasing material (positively) and other than looking like they could maybe stand to have a sandwich or something, everybody seems fine. So far! It’s idol; the members could be kept chained in a basement for all we know.

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People Review Things: Idol Is Shit’s Garry MacKenzie on Q’ulle’s ‘Alive’

It is the Official Policy of that many voices can and should contribute to the discovery of idols and their music. Among those voices whose contributions are good and cool is Garry MacKenzie, owner and operator of the very good Idol Is Shit. This review is his.

You all may recall the two posts covering Q’ulle‘s most recent music videos. You may also recall that Q’ulle, who are good, are good, and you therefore like them and appreciate their music and want to buy it. And as if you needed any more convincing, Garry believes that their just-released single, “Alive,” is more than up to par. Get started here, then visit his site for the rest. Continue reading

Dance Those Tears Away: Q’ulle Crushes New Single

Now I wish I’d made that little bet publicly: Q’ulle teased either the A or B side of this a little while back, but now we have real-deal video for “Alive,” and everything happening here is fun:

It’s from the more electropop side of their work, which is fine. It’s also a great example of the things that I like to tell people about when they make that face and say “J-pop?” like I just said that I like to listen to Nazi marching songs: “Alive” might be the closest Q’ulle has ever gotten to aping the styles more typical to Korea and Europe (and, probably still, the United States), but it still sounds distinctly Japanese, especially the chorus.

“Alive” is a fun song. It’ll take some of the sting away from this morning’s other unpleasantness.