Hey Let’s Talk about Idols!

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Hey! You guys! In case you hadn’t noticed, we have now entered the dumbest part of the year, when there’s painfully little of interest going on (it’s not even an Olympic year!) and lots of time to kill in the evenings. Sure, you could be a jerk and do productive and/or creative things and rub it in our faces, or you could forget all that stupid stuff and instead come hang out for a little while and listen to friends, and me!

Tonight! Debate! Topics of discussion include:

  • Chika idol gone international
  • Will Maniac’s camera work?
  • Thesis: The Holy Roman Empire, Neither Holy nor Roman nor an Empire
  • Is it true that all dogs go to heaven?

And so much more! Actually I’m pretty stoked about it. I always have fun with A-to-J, and I’ve never not had a good conversation with Derek, so I’m setting my expectations meter to high!

I’ll try to embed the stream so all you need to do is come here and put your eyeballs to it. It’s 10:00 Eastern, 7:00 Pacific, like noon tomorrow in Japan. You can figure it out.

A Special Guest for a Special Podcast!

Hey, it’s Friday the 13th this week! That usually means that ol’ Maniac takes a groggy, half-coherent phone call from A-to-J Connections about guesting on their podcast. However, they completely skipped ol’ Maniac this time and went straight for the cast. So if you’re looking for some idol takes of the homi variety, and you happen to be a fan of Papermaiden, you may want to set aside Friday evening:

Papermaiden’s inclusion guarantees* the following:

Tonight! Let’s Talk about Idol Stuff

Hey, remember how I said that things were gonna get weird tonight? It starts at 10:00 ET!

What are we gonna talk about? All kinds of idol stuff, you guys. Every other time I’ve joined A-to-J, we’ve had a pretty good go of it. And when better to talk about idols of the homi variety than on Friday the 13th!

The show will be happening right here:

Watch live video from atojplays on http://www.twitch.tv

Join in and bring your scathingest takes!

Next Friday, We’re Gonna Get Weird

Submitted without additional comment!

Next Friday. 10:00 Eastern, 7:00 Pacific. On Twitch. Maniac and A-to-J get together to play. With hay. We just may!

Also, if I can embed the stream, I will. That’ll be a little bit easier, no?

Prepare Yourself for A-to-J’s Live Interview with The World Standard

This is so cool that I’m just going to:

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When It Comes to Making Idol Fans, It’s All about the Fans

Good morning, you goofballs! As you know, our community is growing, and with that growth comes the feeling that many of us have: Holy crap I need to share this with other people!

You know about the podcasts; there’s A-to-J doing the Lord’s work for all things Japan, including lots of idol, and the Alt-Idol Podcast is still churning and growing, too. Subscribe, watch, listen, learn and, above all, interact.

There are other ways to spread the word, too. For instance, as Daemon likes to do, you can host a panel at a convention:

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Get Your Con On: This Is the Most Mature That A-to-J Gets

If you have a hankering to talk about the hard side of idol in a public forum and get a little bit deeper into this weird, wonderful world, AND you happen to be capable of attending Anime Los Angeles (in Ontario [California, not Canada]), here’s your opportunity:

Re: Title, I kid because I love. A-to-J does the Dark Lord’s work out there.

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This Is Definitely the Best Podcast That You’ll Watch Today

Well, friends, if you have a few hours (literally!) to kill over the next little while, you could do much worse than to spend them with the team at A-to-J Talks and lil ol’ me talking about the best stuff from 2016.

It actually happened in 2016, too!

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The Best Podcast of 2016 Award Will Not Go to This Episode

Oh man.

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Maybe You Need to Soak It in from Someone Else: A-to-J’s Con Panel

Never let it be said that I don’t love a good panel on the hard side of idol (like Daemon’s!), nor that I don’t enjoy every minute spent talking about idols online with A-to-J (yes, even Manuel!). Nor let it be said that I don’t talk up friends because, come on, we’re all friends here.

But hey look! A-to-J’s team is frequently at various cons for various reasons, and they often do panels, and they often do panels on subjects that we happen to enjoy, and they just shared this video from their appearance at … what the hell is Kraken Con? Like, a seafaring event? Continue reading