So It Turns out That Pikarin Can Play Nicely with Others

Happy Saturday, gang! It’s not yet May, but we’re about to have our first 90-degree day of the year, and of course all that travel lately means that ol’ Maniac gets to celebrate said bullshit-hot day by going outside to do lots of yard work and stuff!

So we can all have something to enjoy, here’s live Pikarin that not all young women are at the mercy of Shiina when she performs — some of them even perform with her!

It doesn’t even involve any biting or groping!

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Pikarin, the Creepy Princess of A-pop

I never give Shiina, the person behind Pikarin, enough credit or attention. You might not like A-pop or A-style pop, and that’s okay*, but if you like the creepy, crawly, literally-tread-upon-your-fans side of idol, you should be following her.

It’s like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s dark sister gone berzerk. So much twisted fun. On a personal note, because I never find the time to delve into her mad little world, if you can inform us all of what’s good in the world of Pikarin, please share away in the comments.

*Just kidding. Not liking A-pop is a bad opinion that makes you a bad person.