I Offer You This Stabbing Brightness in Protest

When you follow idol, no matter what kind of idol you might prefer, you know that you’re going to be subjected to all manner of sunshine and rainbows. And because idol ain’t what idol used to be, said sunshine and rainbows will sometimes collide with fun rock music at the very least, and at such moments your friendly neighborhood Maniac faces a choice: Does one’s commitment to loudol, period, supersede a nominal commitment to the grungy, the underground, the socially misfit? And, usually, the answer is “basically.”

Now, today is a day of goodbyes to some of the loudest idols the have ever idoled. I can’t do it! I shouldn’t! It’s a dark day! And I want to roll around in that unhappiness, you know? I don’t want to be made to feel positive and sunshiney. It’s disrespectful.

Screw it; I got a mission statement. Set your faces to Smiling.

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