This Friday’s Party Celebrates the Best in Idol Death

Kerrie struck gold last week, kids. I’m half tempted to just hand her the keys for a few days and see what happens. As long as Morning Musume never sullies these sanctified pages, we’re all good.

‘Sup everyone? How was your New Years celebrations? I got wasted on caramel vodka and cried for my future had fun. Speaking of New Years, last week we asked for your predictions on what’s to come in 2017, and boy oh boy did we get more responses than usual! Even the Hello! Project portion of my followers got involved! Lets take a look at some of our favourite predictions for 2017.

I personally can’t wait to return to this at the end of the year and see if any of this actually came true.

Because of the success of last week, this week we’ll be having another hashtag party! The topic was inspired by a certain Homicidols thread that came up in the week. Continue reading

So What Do You Think Is Coming in Idol in 2017?

It’s Kerrie time, amigos! She had a great idea the other day, so let’s run with it. Also, for all of the mirth she brought this year, go buy something from her. It’s still gift-giving season for some people!

Hi everyone! Have you been enjoying this holiday season so far? So far I’ve been spending mine eating my body weight in turkey and the combined weight of BRGH in sugary foods. Who would have guessed that Babymetal’s “Gimme Chocolate!!” was an appropriate holiday song?

Last time we left you, I made some quick holiday ornaments (btw, if you used those for anything please tweet me a photo because I’d love to see them!). Then before that, it was the Best of 2016, and you should all know how that went by now. And then the week before was Kika v Coco, so what insanity did you all come up with?

[Maniac: Twitter’s stream embedding is kind of butt at the moment, so just go take a peek here]

As you’ve already figured, this is the last Friday party post of 2016! Good riddance. We’ve already looked at the past year, so this weekend lets look to the future; we want your predictions for the world of idol in 2017! Continue reading