Remember a Stupid Fun 2016 with ayumikurikamaki

You know who doesn’t seem to be the least bit disappointed in how their 2016 turned out? Ayukuma. Successful album, major label, prominent anime theme song, a transmogrification curse, appearances at rock and idol festivals all over Japan, and all-around pervasive feeling of joy in everything they do? Yeah, I’d say they have stuff to remember.

From their Facebook page, here’s how they’re choosing to remember the year when they finished graduating from being a fun DJ project between friends to officially kind of a big deal:

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TIF 2016 Requiem

The 2016 Tokyo Idol Festival is now just in the past, but what a trio of days it was! We had new idols, injured idols, sanity-losing idols … basically, it’s a crying-ass shame that TIF doesn’t go on tour, because that would be amazing.

Top news:

  • Fruitpochette revealing a new member (hi, Rum!), new music and death growls to rival anybody else’s in the game
  • PassCode’s Yuna, the current leader in idol harsh vocals, performing with her butt glued to a stool and still managing to shift the magnetic north pole during “Never Sleep Again”
  • GANG PARADE’s Ao graduating on an epic stage
  • BiSH doing “Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni” six times in a row in the Heat Garage and giving up all pretense of GAF by the midway point
  • @ramenshuriken was the hero of the weekend, ripping video from the TV feeds; you can watch it all on this playlist: Continue reading

TIF Megathread

Let’s give this a whirl: As things happen at the Tokyo Idol Festival (happening now!) and news gets out — performance video, personnel changes, new members, announcements, etc. — go ahead and add it to the comments here. These idols and more will be doing all kinds of cool stuff, so I’m sure there won’t be any shortage of fun.

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