A Song Called ‘WorldBreak’ Is Probably a Good Intro to Yanase You

People sometimes ask me, “Maniac, how do you always find so much stuff?” And the answer to that is long and complicated! It helps to be connected with other people of like interest who are just as thoroughly going through the Idolverse on a regular basis — you can do a lot worse than to see what’s happening in the Idolmetal group on Facebook or follow friends in the These Are Also Good widget there to the right. It also helps to follow the crap out of idols on Twitter and scroll through the feed just as a matter of practice. Nobody knows idols as well as other idols, and you’re invariably going to be able to connect with something that you hadn’t seen before.

To whit! Last week, I saw a few mentions of this Yanase You person (Twitter), up to including this video:

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