You Need to Listen to Tsurezure’s ‘Post-Catastrophe’ Now

Go have a listen. Then come back for the rest of the good stuff.

This is the title track off of their upcoming first album, due out on Dec. 7. It is a genre-spanning something, all right! I think Zenkimi’s Megumi had the right idea:

Anime theme! But of course there’d be at least one track on here that has the harsh edges sanded down and some popular elements (that denpa swerve out of nowhere, I felt a little “Neo Jealous” on that one”). So, you know, broaden that appeal. We may love them just the way they are, but tiny girls with blue-dyed hair screaming like demons, that’s still not quite to what you’d call “mainstream popularity” just yet.

Live-forever file on the other side of the jump, if you’re late to the two-hour window party.

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