Sweet: Screaming Sixties Is Releasing a Live DVD

Seeing these tweets happen yesterday gave me a good feeling; if you don’t like 2016 Homicidols.com Collaboration of the Year winner Screaming Sixties, I don’t know how to help you. They’re loud, they put on a great show, they usually only release tiny clips of their live shows (and on Twitter, no less) … basically, they’re a good thing. And this DVD looks like it’s going to be a good thing.

Now, you know that I can’t Japanese, but if I’m double-reading the machine translation on this next one correctly, there’s actually going to be more to this DVD, like road footage and stuff.

Anyway, I’m very excited to see that Zekkyou’s putting together some new media; they tour constantly and put out a couple of double-plus releases, but this upcoming collaboration is all that I know of on the horizon for them.

2 thoughts on “Sweet: Screaming Sixties Is Releasing a Live DVD

  1. Yeah, I’m surprised they are putting out a DVD. This is a DVD of their one-man-tour of the Club Quattro venues with live backing band the Neijishiki Band. Kindof a weird tour, cuz Nagoya was 2016/10/29, Osaka was 2017/12/6 and Tokyo 2017/1/13. Also odd, cuz they basically spend their whole time travelling between those 3 cities on a daily basis anyway, also around the whole country in those last 4 months with the Tau tour which is finally finishing in a couple weeks.

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