Sweet Holy Moses, These Alloy Songs Rock

I’m sorry, were you guys looking for something loud and punishing for your Thursday Hurtsday fix? I’m afraid that I can’t do anything to help you … other than share these two new instrumental demos from Alloy.

They also either have absolutely amazing titles, or they’re just demo titles. I don’t even care; my all-time personal placeholder titles were done by Fear Factory when they were recording Digimortal and sharing what they were doing online, which was impossibly cool way back in 2001 or whenever it was — they had “Slide Song” and “Loop Song” going, and one of them became “Acres of Skin,” which yes.

Oh, and Alloy apparently shot an MV, so I reckon that we’ll get that soon. And thank heavens, because I’ve tried to maintain my bullish stance on them for a good while despite not much really happening, so movement will be a nice reward.

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