Surprisingly Nice ASP

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Definitely didn’t expect to get another ASP MV so in the wake of their debut album (now more than a full month old), but gift horses and mouths and all that, so of course I joined many among you in excitedly clicking that link when it dropped yesterday. And then, like many among you, I watched first in confusion and then rapt horror! Oh, and the song is a delicious and powerful anthem that I think we’re only going to grow to appreciate more and more over time!

This is one of those rare times when I’m going to temporarily skip the music (see: nice, above; it’s probably my favorite on the album) to go straight into the MV. WHAT THE ABSOLUTE HELL. I can get the story, such as it is, without having to think too awfully hard, but good lord did I needed neither racial transmogrification-via-pupation nor the goo. So much goo. Oh and the scream-crying and whatnot. Moth in a jar. It’s definitely going to wind up on some best-of lists at the end of the year, and rightfully so. Pairing it up with such an anthemic track was going to absolutely emotional broke, and mission seems to be accomplished.

If you’re wondering about the message being sent here and why we’re suddenly witnessing an updated Japanese version of the film Cocoon, here’s a handy translation!

Are we in a WACK golden age? I can’t remember the last time every unit in the family was hitting on all cylinders quite so simultaneously.

It was “ANAL SEX PENiS Gets Deep”, I’m so sorry

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  1. I believe there’s a Japanese comment on the video where the user said they interpreted it as a tribute to Uruu Ru, who was supposed to be a member of ASP but left Wack before the debut. That just makes the video so much more heartbreaking in my opinion ToT

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