Sugartrap Is Dead; Long Live Harami no Jan!

When was it, a few weeks back, when I noted in the Weekender that we wouldn’t be calling perpetually underappreciated idolcore outfit sugartrap “sugartrap” any longer? Well, the metamorphosis is now complete:

By the way, I’m running up against an ignorance barrier on the language here and making a few Google-aided assumptions; help me out if I’m screwing up their name

It’s really good to see that Nana and Hina are sticking with it. For reasons that I could never quite pinpoint, sugartrap always felt like one of the chika scene’s unintentional brand ambassadors when I first started to explore idol, similarly to petit pas! and Lolisyn, like they were this almost forbidden entity that was more name than face or, daresay, music. Then I did start to drill down a little bit, cracked their shell and found a group that I could completely get behind … and felt sometimes like the only one. And that was really cool! It was like, here’s this awesome group that only a handful of filthy gaijin wota appreciate, our little secret. The problem of course being that being a microcosmic scene darling (see: all of the above) tends to run one short of financial resources and no doubt likewise becomes an emotional drag.

In fact, the last time that sugartrap dropped a new record, I feel like I was surprised — pleasantly, but still — that they were still going at it. As long as the two principals are down, I guess, even the ridiculously low barrier to exit that idol harbors can seem a little bit silly. Me, I’m happy, and I hope this new spin on the unit gets a chance to soar.