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The news came out so late last week that it barely registered for most people, but Peri Ubu has gone into the hospital with what the Googler called enteritis. Rather than just forge ahead without her, BiS quickly announced that all appearances through Aug. 20 were being cancelled or postponed, with other WACK members filling in on some bills. This included TIF, much to the chagrin of some. However, Ubu was tweeting even on Friday, basically saying, hey, I’ll be okay, just gotta get well, we’ll be back grrr.

Then things took a dark turn!

The new single, “I can’t say NO!!!!!!!” will now not be released this month as planned but will be held all the way until October.

I have a very nice bridge in Brooklyn that I’ll even offer you layaway to purchase!

Originally, “Ubu will be back soon no worries carry on the single will be along shortly” presupposed that recording was done and an MV was coming up shortly (like, possibly this week); “oh well Ubu might be okay but yeah we need to push that release date a good six weeks” screams to me that:

  • Recording was in fact complete
  • Ubu is gone and they’re working toward a graceful exit
  • They have every intention of re-recording
  • They may have every intention of filling the Ubu spot in the lineup

And on that last bit:

The Trade, whereby Aya from BiS and Saki from GANG PARADE traded places, was extended “indefinitely” over the weekend (it was slated to end in October), and the two groups will go on tour together in the fall (HELL!! CLASH!! BREAK!! is almost as great a name for a tour as Idol Swindle). Yeah, BiS got a shot in the arm by getting back Saki, and I’ll gladly raise my hand and say that I thought it might be a permanent move, but the timing of the announcement feels weird, like Watanabe wants to shore up support and assuage the fans ahead of time; why not just wait until just prior to the alleged trade-back otherwise?

Also, remember Project AW? Either those girls turned out to be terrible and the project’s still a while yet to be revealed, or maybe somebody needs to be available for fill a roster spot. Maybe neither! That one’s really speculative.

Either way, I’ll happily eat the crow if I’m wrong, but I think we’ve seen the last of Peri Ubu except maybe in a farewell live or something. What about you?

Update: I love this.

9 thoughts on “Submit Your BiS / Peri Ubu Conspiracy Theories Here!

  1. she’s in hospital, the illness they said she has (Infectious enterocolitis) can take quite a while to be sorted (as can be caused by allergic reaction in certain situations) so while they are treating her they’ll be testing to see if they can figure out what caused it (she mentioned them taking blood) and probably figure out how they can stop her from having the same problem again, All of this probably is going to take a good few weeks for them to treat her and find the cause and then give her extra time to get back to the fitness needed to resume activities. I don’t see this as an exit sign, they have been way too transparent and apologetic for this to simply be a ‘health reasons’ set up for Peri’s graduation.

  2. Ooh I love a bit of mountain-out-of-molehill runaway speculation! I often indulge in it myself. There certainly seems to be an air of panic coming from the WACK camp. Very pleased the Saki move is long term though; can we have Coco as well please?

  3. I’m usually very suspicious when idols are on a break but this seems pretty straight forward, she’s sick – she will be back.

  4. The ONLY reason to hold ANY hope is that they specifically named Ubu’s health problem (much to her chagrin, I bet… it seems kind of private)

    I’m hoping the single release was bumped because they’ll be expected to tour and promote it. The other comments on this post are from people who have never been hurt before. So innocent, so naive…

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