Stream This 9-hour Block of Bellring Girls Heart While You’re at It

You might want to splurge on that Niconico premium membership now:

Why’s that? Nbd, just Bellring Girls Heart streaming their B and Q concert DVDs before a live broadcast of the pre-hiatus Babel show. Just a few hours of the very best of BRGH! Nothing to get excited about at all!

But can somebody clarify a little bit, actually? The DVD streams are described as coming on at Japan noon, and then Babel starts at Japan 7:00 … so is there really seven full hours of stuff on those DVDs? Or is it broken up? Are they going to show us the extras? Maybe Rei-rei and Ayano can do a version of their radio show to kill time between things? Kanra can do her PPAP thing again? Just do whatever it takes to keep Kai from calling Beni and that dude and trying to push their abominations on us.


3 thoughts on “Stream This 9-hour Block of Bellring Girls Heart While You’re at It

  1. I never had much luck selecting things on NicoNico. Everything I’ve picked seems to expire or something. It’s in “my list’ to be available for a few weeks…go to watch it… then gone.

    Signup and billing were easy, everything else floors me.
    Anybody have a good explanation how it functions.

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