Stop Every Damn Thing You’re Doing and Get into JOANJOAN

It started innocently enough:

Well that’s a hell of a name. I wonder–

Oh, I am so ready for this.

This could only come from an Osaka idol

So, yes, Osaka. JOANJOAN (Twitter). Not entirely new project (going back to over the summer), but boasting as its lead what may be the first Colombian-Spanish-Filipino-Chinese idol (Juri) who, I say to square the circle, was in that Weekender Ender video that I highlighted yesterday just in preparation for this moment.

I’m pretty solidly into this.

Look at this choreo, ffs:

All of those only feature Juri, but she obviously has a partner (you’d just call it “Joan” otherwise): Yamo, who apparently has a history as a guitarist who was in a band at Rock in Japan back in 2012, just recently joined. Hence gakkyokuha’s message!

You all know that I love Osaka idols. I love digital+ idols. I love idols that party with DAIDAIDAI because DEMONTAPES rules*. I want to see the two JOANJOANs do the thing together!

*Off the record, similarities in composition and video production have me wondering if this isn’t somehow affiliated with people who do DEMONTAPES; too many coincidences and stuff