Start Your Day Right with HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI

Happy Monday, friends! I’m hoping that some of the pieces that hit over the weekend are a precursor to big things to come for this week, because it’s been slo-o-o-ow out there lately, to the point that a lot of the fresh blood isn’t even all that interesting.

Speaking of things to hit over the weekend, remember HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI, the latest project from the A-minor stable that brings us Guso Drop and Screaming Sixties et al? And remember that tremendously creepy-ass stalker song of theirs that put a whole new spin on “that sounds like tradol, Maniac, what’s the matter with you?”

Would you like to see a clip of their debut live?

It’s good to know that loudol is in good hands. It’s also good to know that gunshots to the head can be choreographed.

Good stuff coming up, too! I’m kicking off a certain promised project per the general wishes of the community, and there’ll hopefully be something new and interesting and exciting. Happy Monday!

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