Start Thursday Dancing with DEVIL NO ID

Aina gets all the buzz for being the featured vocalist on a TeddyLoid EP, but Okinawa’s little electronic gremlin idols, DEVIL NO ID, got into the act, too, with their latest single:

Do you hear it?

It’s sort of messed up to refer to DEVIL NO ID (or BiSH, for that matter) as indie, given the amount of financial and structural support behind them from the beginning, so I won’t! I will turn instead to the fact that both are idols, and both are working (pretty much simultaneously) with a big-time, internationally famous producer who (yeah, $$$) is choosing to work with them. It just takes me back to that piece from the other day about the ongoing cultural exchange and collision between the underground and the arenas.

Anyway, these Devils From the Far East continue to do well for themselves and continue to grow, and good for them, even if we’re maybe not going to get the heavier kinds of beats that came with their first single.

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