Start the New Year Right with REGiNA KiSS

I’m gratified, gang, to see that an increasingly long-term occasionally requited affection for emergingly premier idol+band project REGiNA KiSS is starting to bear fruit, and they’re getting (some more of) the attention that they deserve. Frankly, it’s a meme that I’d like to put to bed, forever, save for its usefulness at pointing how how, ha ha, look at the silly ignoramuses who are not yet on board with this never-not-good thing, and look at how smart I am for supporting them! It’s humblebragging of the most hipster-lite quality, and frankly I should be ashamed.

So: Hi, have you not been paying attention to the fact that REGiNA KiSS has been unaccountably killing it for, from our outside perspective with its own timeline and sense of scale, several months now? The release of iDOL SHREDDER promised a reckoning with the painfully obvious potential lurking around the band’s sound going back to when it was just idols, and there were more of them, and things were always good and never acknowledged enough except by the coterie of nerds (hi!) who gestured furiously at photos of REGiNA KiSS every time discussions about “what next” came up.

Here’s the latest:

Every time I think they’re going to be done with releasing yet more video content to promote the album and themselves, they bust out another one. This is as hallmark an attribute as anything in the scene, a willingness to fund the media that can help the group build exposure. It’s good, because exposure will lead to support, because this is good! I don’t want to pretend that it’s apples to apples in this case, but I can’t shake the tendency to see something like this and be reminded of FRUITPOCHETTE (in the day).

In case you couldn’t tell, if you’re looking at this, I urge you to go back through all of the things that REGiNA KiSS has been doing going back all the way through last year (hell go further if you want), and think about throwing some support there. KiA and AN are easy idols to follow, the band members are cool people who make cool music, and you’re unlikely to lose out in the exchange because, again, “good” is pretty much the floor here. Enjoy.