STARMARIE’s Releasing “Spell of the HALLOWEEN”

Man, am I ever glad that I got tipped off to STARMARIE. This occult rock / metal unit never fails to make me wish I were spending a chilly October evening in a castle’s library, reading original manuscripts of John Dee’s and seriously wondering if a circle of salt would actually protect me from the otherworldly horrors I could summon according to the instructions therein.

Anyway! STARMARIE has an album hot on the way, and I’d really like to listen to it, potentially on vinyl, as our earlier exploration into darkness-embracing idols has taught us is a good idea.

Here’s the trailer:

And if what we can know of the music so far is this good, it’ll be worth the trouble.

Here’s the live MV for “Spell of the Book,” which we encountered before but is now busted, so here are the lyrics again:

I kind of love this song

If you’re on the fence with STARMARIE, if you’re like “I only listen to third-generation idolcore and like to sniff my own butt,” if your idea of a good time with idols is to embrace the sweet little dears in their matching summer dresses singing songs about something other than twisted magical ritual, you should stop doing that and instead get down with STARMARIE because they’re up to some cool stuff.