Homicidols’ Songs of Summer, 2022

We have reached the height of summer, that magical season when school’s out, parties are at the pool, blankets are on the beach and indelible memories are being made, each one set to a signature soundtrack destined to trigger nostalgic memories well into our sunset years (unless you’re reading this in Australia right now in which case, at least the snakes are hibernating ?). This seemed like the perfect time to ask Team Homicidols to put down the margaritas and fireworks for a second and share those songs that they’ve got on repeat in their summertime playlists.

Here are the songs that will forever come to define the dog days of 2022:

Beni Usakura, passion

The first single of Beni Usakura’s solo project was somewhat overlooked on initial release, but its inspired city-pop hooks and dreamy vocals have proven infectious enough to earn it a long term place on my summertime playlist. “Passion” (and B-side, “Keep On”) show us a more mature, groove-centric Beni than we’re used to seeing while still retaining the playful mood she brings to all of her projects.  – Daemon

Poriaplus, Message

A little-known maid café unit from Yokohama have somehow landed themselves one of the catchiest tunes of the summer with a simply fantastic guitar sound, and frustratingly you cannot stream it or buy it on any format whatsoever, but you can watch it on YouTube.  So please do that! – Chris

Nonamera, Dye in Lily

Nonamera’s return to Codomomental was a more than welcome surprise, and her solo works being so unique even moreso. The bass in this is enough to level a house, so be sure to turn it up loud, log into Tumblr like it’s 2012 again and search some gifs of rotating dolphins next to greek statues. Vaporwave and seapunk are back baby and this is their new soundtrack. – Cal

You can’t play this song just once. Try it. I’ll almost guarantee you’ll be up for at least two more spins. It’s a heavy rotation song in my house as well. – Papermaiden

Isiliel, Koumyou Kishi

Himari Tsukishiro’s second single from her solo project is even better than the first. This is saying a lot since we’re already on record declaring Isiliel’s debut as one of the best singles of the year. “Koumyou Seishi” is a dark yet comforting and mournfully poignant piece of shoegaze metal that is the perfect accompaniment for a lonely gaze at the summer stars – Kerrie

Planck Stars, Soiyassa! Hayashi-kun

Maybe it’s bias just beacuse this is the only song here that’s actually summer themed, but this is such a summery song! It’s Richan’s last song with the group too, so in a sense it’s like looking back on a fleeting romance and saying “at least we’ll always have the summer”… – Cal

Haze, Hikikomori Rock

While Haze isn’t idol, it was founded by former idol KATY (ex. Katy Hanpen of ZOC) which is good enough for us. Every song this four-piece has released is a certified banger, but their third single is the most relentlessly re-playable so far. The perfect tune to rock out to in your room.  – Chris

GoodDay, ShutuP

As the opening track on 2022 release Gdism, “ShutuP” sets the hyper-pop punk tone for the whole EP. The chorus is particular catchy so be prepared to get this joyfully cranky and obscenity laden tune stuck deep in the brain. My favorite moment of the song is the ambush pre-chorus of “fuck *beep* fuck” which always gets me wondering:  what profanity is is being bleeped out that must be so much more vulgar than what is left in?    – Daemon


Grumblings of discontent about the addition of a new member to the perfect combination of distilled WACK energy that was the current generation of BiS were quickly swept aside with the release of “DA DA DA DANCE SONG”, where new member Nano3 didn’t step up so much as slide into place like she’d been part of the puzzle the whole time. With key gremlin Toggy out of action for the foreseeable future, this glimpse of the fully-armed and operational BiS 3.5 will happily tide us over until she returns to do what she does best. – farfromsleep


Is it out of place to include a protest song about the unjustly imprisoned on a list of summer songs? Ordinarily, I might question it myself, but in the summer of this year under current circumstances, I’m personally taking in anything that’s speaking out on the wrongs of the world and playing it full-time.  And on a surface level, the song really is gorgeous to boot. “Your commitment will continue to be a shining star – Live and appreciate victory together” – supreme nothing


Outsider Idols IZANAGI came out firing with their debut single “GEDO” (as in, “Get Down!”). Mixing influences from EDM, trap and K-pop, the Ichiho Shirahata-led unit introduced themselves to the world with this unforgettably fierce groove with perfect lyrics for a campfire sing-a-long: “F♡♡k F♡♡k PEACE ☆ F♡♡k boon!” – Kerrie

Kitto Dareka no Himitsu Heiki, Uchuu Daisensou

Also known as “Someone’s Secret Weapon”, it is not exaggeration to say I have been positively Obsessed with Kitokano (also called that for short! So many names!) since I saw them live. Any of their songs on YouTube or streaming services would be eligible for this. However, I liked the story of the “Great Space War” (title translation). I think it’s a refreshing and chilling song to listen to when the mercury in your thermometer is all the way up and you stare at the sky thinking of nothing in particular. – Papermaiden

Yurapico, magic beat

This is the fourth pick of a veteran-idol-gone-soloist on the list and the second by a current member of APOKALIPPS. I think our bias for storied old-timers may be showing, but if they keep churning out high-quality bangers like this we may very well dub this the Summer of the Soloist. Montero, (former Screaming 60s) just joined the club, launching a project as well, so why not?  – Stephe Sp☆rkles

Zizi, Ashura (The Beautiful People Cover)

A good cover is not a faithful copy. The best cover songs are those that take an original work and transform them into a shared composition. The cover retains the familiar elements of the original song but, through arrangement and performance, the cover artist imbues it with their own spirit creating something entirely new. Just as Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor took the Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” and made it their own, Zizi in turn takes Marilyn’s “Beautiful People” and effectively transforms it into something that is theirs entirely. – Daemon


The closing centerpiece of NEKIRU‘s current trilogy of releases is Soha‘s deeply personal ode to the connection between idols and their fans. Great idol music can transcend even the steepest of language barriers, and the soaring melody and plaintive refrain of “From. PLUTO” is enough to send chills up the spine of anyone who ever waved a King Blade like they meant it. – farfromsleep


When I first heard this song, in true summer fashion, I’d just gotten home from college and was hot, sweaty and exhausted. Rilisreverse were performing it live for the first time and the vocal harmonies combined with the instrumentation felt like a cool breeze. – Cal


Hm, excuse me, but is a Summer Homicidols Songs playlist ever really complete without “FiNAL DANCE” from BiS? I don’t care that it’s been released nearly a decade ago at this point, this earworm is a winner and always lodges itself in my head when we reach beach-level temperatures. It’s also a great karaoke staple. This is nothing but fun. What a great final single for the original run of BiS to leave us with. – Papermaiden

And if all of this wasn’t enough for you, the songs that are avaliable on Spotify have all been compiled into one handy playlist for you. It’s like our own special digital mixtape, just for you!