Something Something Pun Maniac Something Punchline

So you may have noticed that I kind of dropped off the face of the earth recently. There’s a story there, but one that I don’t feel like rehashing (Team got the short version last week). It sort of peaks at “sir, we can’t make you stay, but you really should” and plateaus shortly thereafter with “yes, all of the notifications” and then denouements its way through two full weeks’ worth of an effective vacation that I never intended to have, but here we go. I had to consider whether my baby (that’s Homicidols) needed me, if I needed it, if any of it mattered, if this was the actual state of things, etc.

The long and short of it is that my break was for the very-idol-appropriate health reasons, and my ongoing activity is really going to be said-reasons dependent. Team knows the score. I’m going to slide back in slowly, a little bit of work here and there, and I’m probably not going to be pushing through big volumes of work anymore. I have a scheduled break coming up in a couple of weeks, after which I can (personal and medical preference) reassess, and we’ll take it from there. Queen of the Scene, I’m sure that you’re devastated to know, is on indefinite hiatus as a result.

So I’m back, or back enough that I’ll pretend to not be offended that nobody started a long-ass Twitter thread proposing various certifiably insane conspiracy theories involving an Amuse/WACK merger and a twin-tailed assassin re: my presumed untimely demise; no, I will likely never return to the kind of posting habits that got me here. But that’s okay! Team, as one would expect, did great without me (did we even miss a beat?), and the site can and will lurch ever onward.