Something Shining From Shimmer Shrimpmer

It’s no secret that we love Fingers Cross here, their music has been a favourite discovery from 2021. Always unafraid to say what they feel about politics or social issues, the group have a new unit formed around the theme of “the voice of the silent youth,” so get ready to listen to that voice in the form of SHIMMER SHRIMPMER!

A true treat for the eyes and ears, complete with English subtitles for those of us that can’t understand Thai. “Drawing the Sky” is the group’s debut single and it sure is a thought provoking one. To us, the idea of “the voice of silent youth” is a topic that has a lot of duality to it; the tenderness in the pain or the laughing when you should frown. “Drawing in the Sky” is incredibly evocative of that all around, from Bambam’s smiling juxtaposed with terror in the music video to Fah’s powerful yet gentle singing over an increasingly louder wall of sound.

As for their musical output, SHIMMER SHRIMPMER take a lot of musical cues from various genres. You can hear the shoegaze and post-rock, the dream pop and idolgaze, but in ways that feel brand new just as much as you can tell the composers have a real affinity for past artists. If you like Dots and RAY just as much as My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins, you’ll love “Drawing the Sky.”

With production by Kittipat Knoknark (Fingers Cross’ producer and all around cool guy), merry murk and 17SEPTEMBER1981, SHIMMER SHRIMPMER’s debut cements them as an artist to watch. But if you’re hungry for more, the duo also have a cover of an Assajan Jakgawan song for you to tuck into.  Thailand’s shoegaze scene is a rich tapestry, with this duo set to become the next part of it.