Somebody Tell Us about Kindan no Tasuketsu

This is a perfect Sunday post; a little out of the site norm, but if anybody’s going to be able to help me out with cool J-music, it’s you guys.

Who, or what, is Kindan no Tasuketsu (Twitter)? And is that even the right way to write their name (禁断の多数決)? Are they even idol?

All I know is, this is great

I asked our buddy Brian, figuring that nothing in the wider world of J-pop escapes that man’s notice, but not even the Supreme Nothing himself had info! So help me out.

If you want a glimpse into what all Tasuketsu does, take a spin through the samples on their Soundcloud page.

I mean, I could easily see this as kind of a random post-idol or idol-similar art-pop kind of project, or I could see it as idol. They work with idols:


But yeah, if you know what’s up here, I’d love to hear about what this all is.

4 thoughts on “Somebody Tell Us about Kindan no Tasuketsu

  1. Well, I’m still not sure what Kindan no Tasuketsu actually is, but I do know one thing… That “Love and Pop” video of the girls walking is a cover of a fairly well-known song, and the video it’s self is a homage to a Japanese film from 1998 called “Love and Pop”, which used that song as it’s closing theme.

    I saw the film a few years ago. It’s about the seedy world of teen girls getting mixed up in “enjo kasai” and ends with this song and four of the female characters walking in a steady-cam shot…

    The movie was a pretty controversial cult hit. I haven’t seen it in years, but there’s uploads of it on YouTube.

    Anyway, I can tell you that little tidbit. But that’s really about all I know…

  2. At least they say that they are not idol.

    They are doing a variety of music activities. There are also idolic activities in it, there seems to have also worked with BiS and You’ll Melt More! .
    There are men in the members, they seem to play the role of producer and back band.

    (Sorry in Japanese)

  3. Although the female members of the group have been quite often changing, it is apparent that the leader Honoki is in good favor of adopting and inviting idol-kin talents such as Ano, Tentenko and Uchu Imagawa.
    Recently they had a couple of opportunities to hold a one-day owned bar at a venue of so-called Sunakku (originally taken from ‘Snack’) type of Japanese saloon. Nonoki acted as a master, while Kanako(@___djvu) and Chihiro Nakamura (@umaihakumaiumai) offered boozes. I was at one of those, and Kanako and Chihiro were also offering the Cheki photo-ops just as other Idols commonly do, so you may count them as Idols to some extent as long as you do. By the way what amused me was that the second Sunakku day was held in order to make out the sales to compensate a MacBook that had belonged to someone and a member ruined in the previous party after she poured wine over it, while the third one was intended to collect sales to afford a big canon so that they can pop a big bang at their upcoming live stage happening in Shibuya in March, which will be accompanied by Maison Book Girl.

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