Somebody Help Me Get This Bellring Girls Heart EP

The tweet kind of makes it sound like Spine EP is something that we’ve known about for a while, but I swear to Xenu that this is the first I’m seeing the title.

So this is the going-away disk for Ayano and Mizuho? Regardless, now is apparently the time to reserve it, as well as line up your spot at the BABEL pre-farewell one-man that looks a lot like it’s being set up for a DVD. [Adding:] According to Babatus, it should be available by normal means; these reservations are about bypassing the usual cheki procedure associated therewith.

2016 has been a really interesting year for debuts and advances, but also a brutal year for graduations. Watching the whole Shallow Grave farewell tour happen (from a big-ass distance, of course), to see people who kind of ushered you into idol and you admire as performers taking their victory lap, it’s a weird phenomenon. I reckon you more veteran folks have a pretty good handle on how this plays out.

Regardless, in true Bellheart fashion, Spine EP is very excellently named, and I want it.

5 thoughts on “Somebody Help Me Get This Bellring Girls Heart EP

  1. This crap again….. I’m exhausted from chasing BRGH merch… I will sit this out till it pops up on buyee or something.. I hate being an oversea fan

  2. Unless I may have overlooked something on the information there doesn’t seem to be any indication that it won’t be released elsewhere. The previous “B” and “Q” live DVDs also had an event exclusive pre-sale at the venue but then went on sale in store and online the following week. This will probably (hopefully) be the same way. The only things I know of Bellheart related that were only obtainable at lives were special t-shirts, CD-R discs and certain lives recorded to DVD-R. Also, not too sure if it means anything but there is a catalog number (CP-17) which could possibly mean it will be included for stock on shelves.

  3. I find that pre orders usually have other content attached- I know its just swag but I have an extensive collection of BRGH and I don’t like missing the little goodies. Anyhoot I haven’t heard of this EP so its something to look forward too.

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