Some New ASP For Free

Homicidols are of course the most esteemed and respected idol publication online, so we’d never stoop so low to use clickbait headlines. In other words the staff wouldn’t let the author use “FREE ANAL SEX PENiS” as the title. But we do have free ASP songs for you guys! Really!

NOW or NEVER and GO STRAiGHT were written by member Mog Ryan, y’know the one wearing the leather mask. She was also the star of Sleepless in Seattle.

Both songs are incredibly fun, with very heavy guitar and crashing drums. Discounting STUPiG, this is shaping up to be the hardest thing WACK have ever put out. Given Watanabe and Matsukuma’s taste in music, it’s unsurprising. The album is being launched without a label, just straight from WACK to the shelves, so that means our dear Junjun has full creative control over all of this. Which you probably could have guessed from the album being called ANAL SEX PENiS, but hey.

They said it best themselves, don’t think, just have fun.

Again, both songs are a LOT of fun, so quit reading! There’s no article left! The album drops on the 26th of May and there’s more on their SoundCloud! Go!