So You Will Be Able to Download New BiSH

Ah, BiSH. Or maybe, rather, “Ah, WACK”. Few things can get a Western wota het up easier than the hard side of idol’s big bad and its steady flagship, at once inimitable and sublime and a bunch of less complimentary things lately because why mess with your cash cow, you know? The BiSH members are always up to some kind of (well-compensated, no doubt) shenanigans these days, to the point that it’s easier to move around various live clips from big shows or catch an interview than it is to find new envelope-pushing music.

So heck, let’s put it all together!

That’s straightforward enough! The song is notably not new in the least, actually, given that the video for it (that may or may not be accessible; I can’t see it) is a month old now, but what is new is that you’ll be able to buy the thing as a digital single in a few weeks.

And that’s the BiSH news!

Were you really that thirsty for a BiSH post, guy?


Update: Oh here’s the thing!

That’s nice.