So What Does uBu Sound Like, Anyway?

The young BiSer known as Peri Ubu kept coming up on Twitter the other night, and I was forced to admit to a certain plan for an upcoming Monday Match Game, and it got me to thinking, Hey, what’s uBu even been up to since that whole terrifying episode with the members leveling up?

Leave it to the vital @sbsk_weekend to provide:

I also wasn’t expecting that look, to be honest.

uBu’s big debut one-man party doodad looks like it was probably a pretty good time. Things are only getting weirder, folks.

3 thoughts on “So What Does uBu Sound Like, Anyway?

  1. The really odd thing is the third member, Sakuya. She has not posted anything since the end of September, yet her description mentions the show on 11/26. Maybe her level isn’t high enough to perform yet. Who the hell knows…….. so weird.

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