So This Is What BiS3 Will Sound Like, Huh?

It was inevitable following the official re-re-launch of BiS that there would be quick next steps. No, I don’t mean the greatest post in the history of idol blogging; I mean a demo of some sort, something that sticks with the WACK playbook to give a taste of what’s to come without actually revealing anything of substance — the members are all still ghosted-out, after all. And that inevitability bore fruit today! This is apparently what we can expect to hear from the re-renewed Brand-new Idol Society:

I don’t mean the dingus singing — that’s Watanabe vocals, in case you hadn’t noticed — but the swingy lounge track that puts BiS more in the territory occupied by the likes of Philosophy no Dance and really a ton of trad idols when they’re in the right mood, or the dearly departed Hauptharmonie (RIP). Or, like, sometimes EMPiRE. I happen to love it just by itself, though I was hoping that this would be the iteration of BiS that would get back to the heavy and loud and angry stuff. And maybe that’ll still happen, see: “revealing anything of substance” above!

You can download the thing, too, if you like:

I have absolutely no expectations for this BiS. You don’t get to screw with me again, Jun!