So This Is How It’s Done: Idol Auditions

I don’t know why I clicked the little “translate” link for this tweet, but I did:

As a confirmed fan of DisDol, I had to dig deeper, right? Like, did this imply a serious roster change of some kind? So I followed the link, let Google translate the page to English for me and genuinely felt like I’d learned something.

Just click this:

For one, holy shit, there’s an entire website devoted to audition listings, like a Craigslist for the talented young person who just needs a little bit of exposure to become a star or at least that’s what Mom says. For two, if the translation is kind of accurate, DisDol’s looking to grow? Ahead of a major debut toward the end of the year? I mean, okay! And for three, “must be 16-30 (kids, get your parents’ permission) and live in the greater Tokyo area so as to participate in activities, and please tell your current representation that you’re doing this so nobody gets in trouble.”

Idols are kind of fascinating in a lot of ways, and this really is one of them. There’s that saying about making sausage, but I find learning about this process to be genuinely interesting. Actually, that’s exactly like making sausage, then.

/I am weird.