So Let’s Talk Corenament

Hello, lovely people. It’s Maniac. If you enjoy yourself some Weekender, you saw that I started talking about the Corenament for this year, not just in the context of last year’s monstrosity.

What’s the Corenmanet, you ask? Why, it’s just our way of having some fun around the same time and concept as the NCAA basketball tournament — while the young men and women of America’s highest-level collegiate basketball teams battle it out to determine a national champion for that year’s season, we pit idols (and their fans) against each other in a multi-round competition to decide who’s the best at something.

Last year, it was best song, forever, period, and Kamen Joshi took home the trophy for “SOUL,” beating out BiSH and “Hoshi ga” in the final round when Babymetal and Deathrabbits were both disqualified because some people are just rude. It was a weird competition because my own awareness of what’s out in the world was limited, and it took a minute to organize conceptually, but it kind of worked. I definitely got a kick out of a bracket that made people pick between BiSH and PassCode!

All of that to say, I’d love to do the Corenament again for 2017, and we’re only about a month out from March Madness. The trouble is, what should we organize around?

Hasdrubal Jones had a good comment, to work around vocal styles (Yuna vs. Aina, etc.), kind of like we’ve done before with the Monday Match Game. And that got me thinking, there are a lot of interesting specific skills that certain idols just do better than others — vocal and dance and look, plus musical styles and MVs and, really, the list goes on and on.

But I don’t have a great idea yet! The default option would be “best song released since the last Corenament ended,” or best album or whatever, but that’s so safe and kind of lame. Let’s spice things up a little bit; what do you think would make for an interesting inter-idol competition?

There’s probably no one answer, but I bet our collective brainspace can do a decent job of getting down to soup and nuts and figuring out a model that’ll be fun to play with. Just write in the comments, and let’s see what comes up.

11 thoughts on “So Let’s Talk Corenament

  1. Since I got a mention I’ll throw another one out there MVI (Most Valuable Idol) which Idol is the most important/least able to lose to graduation for her particular group. There are obvious choices like Emi for Desu (Death) Rabbits and the biggest of the big dogs Su-Metal, but there are also questions like who is more valuable Chitti or Aina for Bish , Megumi or Mashiro for Zenbu.

  2. I am unsure if it is the best or the worst idea, but it could be a general corenament, where we change the category at the tip of a hat. For each horizontal level (or for each bracket, I don’t know), we know the competitors in advance, but not what they will be competing for. We pick the fight topic (looks, voice, dance, stage presence, etc.) out of a hat the day the voting for that bracket starts.

    So it could lead to interesting and unusual competition.

  3. Have an MVI vote for each group which would act like the conference tournaments in the NCAA. The winner of the MVI from each group moves on to the big dance.

    • I like this.

      Then you could also have wildcard slots for members who may not have won there unit bracket, but still got a ton of votes. So the final tournament could be the MVIs + the the next two top vote-getters. The wildcards could then get the lowest seeds because every tournament needs underdogs.

      We’d still have to figure out how solo idols get seeded.

      • Let solo idols be their own “conference”, the winner gets to the big dance and if any get enough votes for an at large bid they make it too.

  4. I’m having a bit of a brainstorm here, I completely understand if everyone else thinks I’m over my skies and will only hate you forever and seek my first opportunity for vengeance should you not use my idea, so we cool either way.
    Lets say for example there are 20 groups from which an MVI is picked these would be the conference winners and would make it to the corenament, the next 12 highest vote getters would get in as at large bids and in the case of ties a play in round could be used.
    The NCAA Tournament is easily my favorite sporting event even though college basketball is probably only my 4th or 5th favorite sport so I’m probably being a bit over excited here.

  5. There’s so much changing in IDOL, why not make a Quarterly quarterfinal sort of thing of it? Too soon, twice a Year? There isn’t really an IDOL season, maniac.

    Not sure how your bracket system would work with this setup, maybe it would DQ a later quarters nominations by the same unit?

  6. One more for your poll.
    Which Idol group is most likely to survive a Warriors like trek through the territory of the other Idol groups in an attempt to get home after being blamed for the assassination of Hanako-san who was trying to unite all the Idol groups.
    Also a go fund me campaign to make this into a movie because an all alt-idol remake of The Warriors is literally the best idea I’ve ever had or will have.

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