So It Turns out That Pikarin Can Play Nicely with Others

Happy Saturday, gang! It’s not yet May, but we’re about to have our first 90-degree day of the year, and of course all that travel lately means that ol’ Maniac gets to celebrate said bullshit-hot day by going outside to do lots of yard work and stuff!

So we can all have something to enjoy, here’s live Pikarin that not all young women are at the mercy of Shiina when she performs — some of them even perform with her!

It doesn’t even involve any biting or groping!

This is courtesy of the Viz on the Facebook group: Performing with Pikarin in this case are two ex-564 REBOOT members, and this is actually a side unit (if the man himself is to be believed), and this is their first live (at Tower!), and they may or may not ever do this again, and they’re called Anata wo 2°C Koroshimasu, “which means something like ‘Kill You At 2°C’.”

Appropriate! This does warrant a bit of following, as side projects can be just as laden with violent potential as B-sides.