So Is This Some Kind of Record for an International Release?

In case you couldn’t tell, gang, ol’ Maniac’s been taking it easy this week on account of it being not just a slow one, but the holidays and all of that. I didn’t feel like putting too much time and/or energy into anything other than household projects, travel and other people’s horrified grimaces polite smiles upon seeing me for the first time in a while. It’s been fun!

One thing did drag me out of the woodwork for a minute, though, and it’s this little bit that you may have seen going around yesterday:

Candye Syrup, who I will remind you have been in existence for a matter of months, have real-deal international distribution. And not just iTunes, either!

I like that “legal” disclaimer

Now, it obviously isn’t a new thing for idols to seek distribution outside of Japan via various means — xoxo EXTREME have a Bandcamp page, for crying out loud — but this might be an unprecedented move for ostensibly chika idols. You’d expect a group that launches from a major label to distribute internationally right away (if they so chose), or a project that’s all-digital; for idols who are formed out of a nexus of idol culture, like a literal scenester thing, it’s a big step.

While the mind does immediately race to the possibility that we, that is those of us who live outside of Japan, are actually Candye Syrup’s most numerous and possibly most dedicated fans, that is preposterous. What is far more likely is that our comments, our videos, our social stuff, our blog posts painted a picture of support, and the idols in question responded in kind.

So cool! Maybe we have some power*. Also, what terrifying responsibility!

I mean, it’s not like it costs very much to get digital distribution; I’m more surprised now that idols skip things like Spotify than when they join it

2 thoughts on “So Is This Some Kind of Record for an International Release?

  1. This SHOULDN’T feel like “a thing”, it should just be standard practice.

    But here we are, celebrating even the most basic consideration of audiences outside of Japan…

    • Battles can’t be won without firing that FIRST shot. With a US Necroma tour just ending and now something like this, the international fan base IS being recognized. If we keep supporting this will become the norm.

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