SIPP’s Ui Makes a Solo Play for MV-of-the-Year with “Wonderful Trip”

I’ve been trying to wrap up work and get packed so I can get on a plane for the first time in two years and fly out to Los Angeles for ATTARASHI GAKKO!’s U.S. debut at Head in the Clouds Festival.  Unfortunately, I keep get distracted by Twitter notifications of idols doing idol things. By far, the most disruptive item has been the unanticipated unveiling of this solo project from Ui of SIPP. It’s been so disruptive in fact that I’m putting my travel preparations on hold entirely so I can bang out this post on Ui’s solo debut, appropriately entitled (for my purposes anyway), “WONDERFUL TRIP”.

That is, quite possibly, the best thing I’ve seen all year: an alien puppy trying to escape the broccoli in outer space befriends a fluffy yet lonely earth puppy and, large of head and yellow of hide, together they dance their way across the galaxy fighting many space battles before returning to Earth. That’s my take at least. I enjoyed this sci-fi story and special effects far more than Avatar or anything I’ve seen from the MCU.

The music is dangerously addictive post-punk electronica, and Ui’s vocals are smoky-sweet perfection. The entire package is an entrancing, vaporwave dream. I’m infatuated with it.

If you are not caught up on the recent saga of SIPP, they followed up the drop of their debut mini album (and EP of the Year contender) with their first one-man live back in August and then promptly announced the graduation of three of their four original members.  Shortly following the recent graduation live, it was announced that sole remaining founding member, Ui, would be joined by RuRu to making SIPP a duo.

It was, apparently, during that short period of time that Ui was on her own that she launched the solo project that resulted in the minor masterpiece that is “WONDERFUL TRIP”. It is noteworthy that not only did Ui write the lyrics for the song, but she is entirely responsible for the MV, providing the direction, artwork, puppetry,  effects and screenplay. I am incredibly interested to see what other creative works she has planned.

In the meantime, we will have an opportunity to see the new SIPP system via Twitcasting at the Tech-Rock idol/band hybrid taiban coming up on November 19th.