SIPP Power Up their Punk Party with “SPIN4CH”

Fresh off their one-year anniversary, SIPP are celebrating with some EDM on their second single since rebranding from “Super Idol Pops Punk” to “Super Idol Punk Party”.  Featuring lyrics created by founding member, Ui, and a retro MV channeling the Y2K, here’s “SPIN4CH”: 

We’ve been paying close attention to SIPP since their startling debut single, “dawn”, last March.  Sporting a musical style fusing the earthiness of Concrete Blonde with the vintage pop punk of Elvis Costello, the fledgling unit followed up with a couple more exceptional singles before releasing one of the best EPs of 2021, It all begins here . The group hit a snag shortly after their first one-man live in August when all but one member (Ui) left the group. While SIPP spent autumn rebuilding, Ui stretched her creative muscles, releasing a couple of solo works including shooting and directing what I still consider to be the Best MV of 2021, “WONDERFUL TRIP” (not many agreed with me, but I’m still not sure if that’s because I’m the philistine or it’s all y’all).

Ui has since been joined by three new members bringing SIPP back to full strength. Perhaps as an acknowledgment of the creative asset they discovered in Ui, the soft reboot of the group also includes a shift towards relying on unit members for lyrics, choreography and even MV production. The unit now consists of:

Ui. Creative powerhouse and caretaker of space traveling dogs.

Ten aka Hajime-kun was announced as a new member on New Years Day, is a fan of ukka and Aquors, and may be able to drink you under the table. She also likes trains. 

HOMA joined SIPP as a trainee back in mid-January and became a regular member just in time for SIPP’s first anniversary show in March.  She plays Genshin Impact and Minecraft and is a fan of ZOC and BiSH. Here is her rendition of Ho-kago Tea Time’s “Don’t say ‘Lazy'”:

The most recent addition is Chun Li aka  Rei Tsubaki aka “The Gyoza Familiar”.  She is currently a dance-only trainee but gained regular member status at the beginning of May.  She is a fan of BiSH, TWICE and ATARASHII GAKKO!

You can witness the new SIPP system live via Twitcasting this weekend with 9DayzGlitchClubTokyo, or in a couple of weeks when they host【Tech-Rock】vol.4.