SIPP Shines in Second Single, “The Same Old Sun”

A few months ago we first featured SIPP (Super iDOLS Pops Punk),  a new unit out of Osaka that sprinted from obscurity to song-of-the-year contender on the strength of their debut single, “dawn”. With an introduction that unbelievably good, we were trying not to let expectations for SIPP’s follow-up run too irrationally high. There have been any number of groups over the years that stormed in with a dynamite debut and then just faded into the ether.  Still, during this week of A-list music releases, the most highly anticipated song for many of us was the second single and MV from these rookies:

It’s time to get irrationally excited again.

This MV is an upbeat, vaporwave trip through the history of album art from The Velvet Underground and Queen to The Clash and Aladdin Sane-era Bowie up through NWA, Green Day and Daft Punk with many other stops in between. It makes me feel old and young at the same time.

As for the single, we are only two songs into SIPP’s existence, but can we call this a signature sound? “The Same Old Sun” has a brighter edge than their debut, but it’s cut from the same shredded denim cloth.  Both songs also have a kind of understated smokiness to the vocals that land with an addictively effective punch. The same team of composers is behind both songs and seem to be in a serious groove. Luckily, more is to come soon:  the release of the first SIPP mini-album has been scheduled for August 6th. 

Now that they have solidified their frontrunner status for Debut-of-the-Year, and successfully and for all time escaped the category of one-hit-wonder, the next step in the evaluation process is to witness a SIPP live.  While they have been booking gigs with site favorites like XOXO EXTREME and cana÷biss, none of their shows so far have offered a livestream option. As soon as one is scheduled, it will definitely make The Calendar.

In the meantime, the new SIPP single is available on your streaming platform of choice: