SHINGEKI Has Inspired Me to Try Something New

Dropping balls all over the place anymore, gang. SHINGEKI, the ever-metamorphosing idol project that could yet again re-brand at any moment, actually dropped this particular new video a few days ago, notably on a day when I had my eyes in lots of places that weren’t idol at all, and I’d have never even picked up on its existence because the only ripple that it made in Western Wota Space-time was in fact Terry’s reaction video.

Given that SHINGEKI’s composer-san loves nothing more than to splice together some of the most random, discordant chunks of music theory to nonetheless compile some fairly enjoyable songs, I knew that I had to do something with it. But I also got a stupid, devilish idea. So:

The hell?

Please allow me friends, to approximate the effects of a reaction video … in text!

What the sweet loving hell is going on in this song. Oh fine, this is a totally normal idol tune with some extra gui– Is this some kind of breakdown? By Jove, it is a breakdown! Hm, lacks brutality; 4/10, wouldn’t crowdkill. Hey, that girl has a gun! Megane member ftw. This is a nice outro. Oh, that wasn’t an outro? Now why is that girl in bear lingerie? This is the outro? Extra bonus distortion! That’s right, SHINGEKI has really random outfits, especially when they’re in their underwear and posing with guitars. Man, I really would’ve loved this song when I first got into idol. Megane’s even doing that Su-metal pinky finger thing. It’s over? It’s over.

How’d I do?

/actually watches Terry’s video

Oh, that wasn’t as good. Maybe I shouldn’t do reaction videos, in text or otherwise.

Actually, truth be told, I (very) briefly flirted with the idea of doing reaction videos, but entirely from the perspective of an incredibly grumpy critic. I scrapped the concept because I figured that the only way I could do it halfway honestly would be to focus on the crappy, run-of-the-mill idol stuff that I don’t already write about, which would mean more work, which I am disinclined to do because lazy.

So, Terry, please continue to do the reaction thing, and I’ll continue to type stuff and barely conceal my true feelings for ~it’s fine~ idol work that I really wish were better but for some reason just doesn’t stand out.

As for SHINGEKI, this is part of a four-month continuous content rollout (what’s up with things like that right now), leading up to a one-man on April 6, by which time they will likely have assumed the mantle formerly worn by ayumikurikamaki — bear version — and become the next-most-likely animal-themed party idols to develop an insane challenge to reach Budokan or live forever under the curse of some fun-hating forest wizard.

I guess we’ll be hearing a lot from them!