Sheer Madness: NECRONOMIDOL Graduation Turns Into All-Star Reunion

My apologies for the lateness of this article, but I am still picking up the pieces of my shattered mind.

There was nothing to prepare us back in March when Rei, Michelle and Okaki, the last remaining original member of NECRONOMIDOL, announced their departure from the group. Just as there was nothing to prepare us for the blight that has since afflicted the entire world, driving us into our homes, delaying the three members’ graduation show and, meanwhile, wholly transforming the way idol lives are both performed and delivered. 

This past Saturday night, Rei Imaizumi, Kakizaki Rizaki and Michelle were finally able to hold their long-delayed graduation live to both an in-person and streaming audience. 

The evening began simply enough with the three graduates in vintage outfits performing NECROMA favorites as a trio. But in these intervening months perhaps the planets have aligned or R’lyeh has risen from the Pacific. The earth shook slightly as former member Kunogi who left NECROMA in the fall joined the three onstage foreshadowing the ominous turn the evening was about to take. NECROMA collaborator NEMLESS appeared for a few songs and the dark gods nodded approvingly. But it was the sudden appearance of demigoddess Hina and Sari, the Queen of Darkness Herself that led the audience to descend into sheer madness.

At the end of the live, amongst the tears and thank yous (were they coming from the performers of myself? I cannot say) my broken mind strained to hear. Drowning in the cacophony of this insanity, I swear it was announced that Hina will be joining Okaki and Rei in the new unit they are putting together under MSMILE management. Or was it all a dream?

Michelle, as we know, will be continuing forward with MSMILE as a soloist and content creator. It’s is reasuring to know we will continune to hear from all three. They certainly put an indelible stamp on their departure from NECROMA. This performance was legendary.