Shade or Not Shade? Pour Lui’s Spin on BiSH

My friends, while idol is in many ways so akin to other performing arts, up to and including professional wrestling, the one thing that it so often lacks is real, true, genuine interpersonal drama between figures. Idols usually just ganbare-fist for photos and vow to do their best and applaud politely for everybody. It’s neat, and a neat feature, but also a little placid sometimes, especially for those of us who like some good ol’ fashioned beef between parties.

Who better to throw shade and get those hackles raised than OG idol shit-stirrer Pour Lui, who’s original BiS spared no sacred cows the occasional bit of grief? Yes, that’s the ticket. But at whom would she throw her shade, and in which way, and to what ends? And hell, considering how well-orchestrated things in idol tend to be, how can you tell what’s real shade from weak shade from goofy teasing of one’s friends, neighbors and senpai? Fortunately for us, and especially those of us who enjoy the munching of popcorn while pots are stirred, Lui got together with friends to do what can only be described as a BiSH diss video:

Oh man! That’s … that looks like shade! But is it shade?

Facts in Favor of This Being Shade

  • Visually accurate parody
  • Use of music that’s known subject of criticism
  • Direct call-out of target
  • Historically attested actual beef
  • Self-attested absolute biting hatred of one former groupmate
  • Recent departure of roaster from roastee’s company

Facts in Favor of This Not Being Shade, But Good-natured Ribbing Between Friends

  • It’s Lui, it’s an honor to be roasted by her
  • She at least played at being pretty WACK-supportive, including her role in SAiNT SEX
  • I think that’s about all I got

That looks like shade! Ball’s in your court, BiSH. Will you reply with some savage takedown of … I guess Lui FRONTiC or something? Or will you buck up, acknowledge that you needn’t trouble yourself with the taunting of anybody, and just ignore it?

Regardless, the facts that matter are that:

  • Lui can do whatever she wants
  • BiSH will continue to print money
  • It’s pretty funny