Seriously, People, Stop Putting Everything in Relation to BiS

I was enjoying the fact that the Alice Project videos were finally liberated from YouTube Red’s tyranny this evening, just going back through some of the stuff that had been regularly in my rotation when I was first getting all of this stuff together, and I was playing this video.

I don’t watch a lot of these videos, incidentally — I’m usually just trying to listen along. What I will do, though, is read the comments, or at least read the ones that I can actually read (that is, that are in English or something other than Japanese that I actually understand).

There’s a comment, maybe not on the first screen anymore, questioning whether this video of Alice Juban dancing on the beach is a “BiS parody.”

That person is clearly referring to the video for “Final Dance,” BiS’s last single, and that was one of their single best troll jobs: The dance-around-in-bikinis bit was a direct parody of a famous idol summer single — and summer single videos are pretty solidly of the dance-around-in-bikinis variety.

So that’s it for the context. Believe it or not, the Alice Juban members were probably dancing around in bikinis because that’s something that idols do in videos.

So that’s really two things that I’m annoyed with:

  • BiS was not being parodied (which, additionally, way to miss the point of both videos, friend).

I’m going to do everything in my power to hook up interviews with a number of alt idols, and several of the first women I hope to interview are ex of BiS. And I’ll ask them about that, definitely, because BiS was awesome and I love that whole thing very much.

But I won’t be so insulting to those artists as to restrict the interview to that, nor will I even let it be a primary part of the discussion.

BiS mattered in their time, and they still matter, and people like Hirano Nozomi and Koshouji Megumi owe a lot to their time in BiS, but they’ve also moved on and are doing other projects, and that’s the important thing.

And for the Alice Jubans and Mugen Reginas and Screaming Sixties of the world, they exist completely independently of BiS. Maybe there’s some influence there, fandom, whatever, and maybe that’ll come up in the conversation, but sweet holy crap people, BiS was not and is not the be-all end-all of idol.

I’m so upset, I think I’m going to go watch the “BiSimulation” video on repeat.

2 thoughts on “Seriously, People, Stop Putting Everything in Relation to BiS

  1. Just for the record, not only did the “Algonquin Round Table” of youtube commenters miss the point of both videos, they missed the so-called parody by 2 years. Here’s Alice #10 “Natsudane” from 2012 doing the same shtick as their 2015 video you linked to. If they were parodying anyone, it was themselves.The Final Dance video is from 2014.

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