SENANAN and a Mini-BURST GIRL/Guso Drop Reunion Coming to the US

SENANAN is returning to the US and bringing Miyako (HINAGAKU. and ex. BURST GIRL and Guso Drop) and  Rinchama (Sentimental Shishunki and ex. BURST GIRL and Guso Drop) along with her. The three will be appearing at Oni-con XIX in Galveston, Texas, November 11th through the 13th. SENANAN will be representing Tokyo street fashion brands KRYclothing and XRN. Rinchama and Miyako will be working as models for XRN and also performing a mini-live, reuniting as performers for the first time since departing BURST GIRL.

All of this is being arranged courtesy of friends-of-Homicidols, Chaotic Harmony.

For aspiring models in our readership, Oni-con will also afford you the opportunity to walk the runway for KRY Clothing or XRN. They are taking applications for volunteer models through October 24th.

This is a great opportunity to catch up with SENANAN who last visited the States for Saboten Con 2018 and has been through some major life-changing events since then. She is one our favorite idol and idol-adjacent creatives and always seems to have about 12 projects in the air at any one time (one of them being motherhood).

Oni-con is also presenting an unprecedented opportunity to welcome Rinchama and Miyako to the US as former members of the legendary Guso Drop and the universally revered BURST GIRL. We are still heartbroken that BURST GIRL’s one opportunity for a US appearance got derailed by stupid COVID, so this is an opportunity to heal that hurt just a little bit.