Seismic: Saki Is Leaving Guso Drop

The end of the year will be the end of Saki’s time in Guso Drop. The Heaviest Idol in the World is losing its center.

But not all of the news is bad, I guess.

(I had to get Phillter to translate from Japan, because more detail is good!)

Guso Drop isn’t going to look the same going forward. After Saki’s graduation, they’ll audition for three more members. The center color will remain red (like, does that mean that Yurapiko or Anna takes over, or they recruit a new center?) [UPDATE: Good info in the comments — no new center; red goes with Saki]. They will still be heavy as shit.

h/t Jul for turning the original tweet into English news in the first place

16 thoughts on “Seismic: Saki Is Leaving Guso Drop

  1. I got this translation about the center: “Since the red center was Saki Center we have decided not to make anymore.”

    Sounds like no formal center, maybe a rotating center between the remaining girls? Need a really good translation I think.

  2. So what Daichi actually said was that he’s recruiting 3 more girls. Red, ie. Saki was the centre, so thus with 6 girls he’s made it a number whereby you cannot have a centre.

  3. Hello, long time lurker, first time poster.

    I personally am okay with this. Double And has become one of my favorite artists that I have found, since really delving into these underground / Heavier Idols. As someone who comes from an Emo first then Hardcore secondary background, I really enjoy the music (where as Guso seems a bit more Nu-Metal). I mean, I know it’s more shoegaze-y and there are some jam-y parts. Anyway, if it means more focus on Double And… then, wheeeee!

    …but, uh, good luck to Guso.

  4. Am I the only one that does not see this as a complete and utter shock? This is the life cycle of an idol group, alt or standard. Members graduate and new blood comes in to fill the void. Groups evolve, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. We will just have to wait and see. I for one will continue to listen to Guso Drop as well as 2&.

  5. As a fan of both 2& and 偶想Drop I was heartbroken to hear about her graduation since she is my favorite in the group. Her vocals and screams overpower the other members and there is just this very unique sound to her voice that fits perfect to both group’s music. Think about who else can deliver that first line and scream in “Level” she does before the hook better than her with that intensity and clarity? And her look in 偶想Drop is cool as hell with her spiked neck collar 😛

    However when it comes to the sonics and music quality I do prefer her as 2& so if she is intent on focusing on that then it’s cool. If anybody reading this has not heard her album LIVE IDOL ARTIST then I highly recommend it. It’s hard to find though because it may be out of print I’m not sure. And it is more melodic and shoegaze than 偶想Drop material but it’s very good. Perfect album in my opinion.

    Sometimes groups just don’t have that same impact on a fan when a member graduates especially their favorite member. Even if the new members are great and you grow fond of them. I love Kano and Megumi but is Sakura Gakuin the same for as it was when Yui and Moa (my #1 idol) were in the group? Not close. Even though I’ll still listen to them and support them 100% as I always have.

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