Screaming All the Way to the Bank

Remember when Kerrie and I were busily pretending that it was time for a new era on, and boy oh boy do I bet people are still sore about that? Anyway, among the various messages we received over those two weird days came one from a long-time helpful source, Pukovnik Krv, who offered to help out a bit with the A-minor family of idols. And when he shared one of the videos featured below, I thought, let’s offer the man a chance to share the kind of depth of knowledge that comes from being a truly dedicated fan. Take it away!

So, not a lot has been written about Japan’s resident punk rock/vocaloid idol duo representatives of late. As such, I figured it was time to change that and write something. Because, you know, I get bored sometimes.

Zekkyousuru 60do (Screaming Sixties, after the ridiculously stormy southern latitudes of the Atlantic Ocean, not the decade) are well-known in these parts, but have of late fallen off a lot of foreign fans’ radar. This is because of their notoriously wide-ranging tour schedule, which rather than staying in their base of Nagoya or performing mostly in Tokyo strays everywhere and anywhere, including at one point the tip of a peninsula in Akita on a beach to which 8 people turned up. As such they’re kind of like the roving arm of A-minor.

However, of late they have a few things on the burner which make me think that, despite Hamada (their producer) having a nice little moan on Twitter lately about only 19 people turning up to one of their “home” lives in Nagoya and having the worst buppan sales of the year so far, they’re about to hit the big time.

Reason one is that they’re doing a joint album with I love you Orchestra, who they’ve been doing Docking on Heaven’s Door lives with at Otsuka Hearts+ for the past 2 years, collaborating on a few songs every set. So the chemistry is there, the musicianship is there, and with Kai accomplished on both piano and guitar, having attended a music high school in America, and Montero being pretty good at hitting things (and people) and playing the drums pretty well, it’s safe to say that the album will likely be more collaborative than a simple band doing music, idols doing singing thing, which is frankly going to be fucking amazing.

The second reason is slightly more amusing. In Japan there is a TV show called Idol no Otakarakuji (アイドルのお宝くじ, if you feel like Googling some of it). Now, for the most part nowadays it’s boring, mainstream stuff (I sat through one episode where it was like 90% Tsubaki Factory talking about Tsubaki Factory), but occasionally, they pull out all the stops and have now started (again) an indies idol competition. That’s right. Zekkyou are in it.

It started when on the year-end show an idol fan comedian (Heisei Nobushi Kobushi’s Tokui Kenta) declared that his top pick for the idols that would break the big time in 2017 were Zekkyou. He also picked last year and (correctly) guessed that Namahamu to Yakiudon were going big. As you can guess, his choice was a pretty big deal. Here’s a clip:

Following on from that, the show got involved with them and they started to appear. The programme’s format in the past was that five groups would appear each week. The fans in attendance would rank the appearing groups in order of awesomeness, and then the top three would be carried over to the next week’s show to be joined by two new groups. If a group gained ten victories, they would get an episode that focused solely on them. That stopped when they started attracting more major-league stars (recent episodes have featured AKB’s Team 8 and some of the “fresher” H!P groups ad nauseum), but now the competition is back. They’re calling it “The Idol Treasure Queen Contest!” Because why not. There are 9 groups broken into 3 blocks, and every time a winner is chosen. Each week has a theme like “a cappella” or “comedy skit” which has to be worked into the performance. The winners go to the final and every week’s MVP (individual idol) gets to produce a two minute VTR aired on BS Asahi.

Zekkyou were originally placed in C block, with palet and Tenkou Shoujo Kagekidan.

You can watch the full episode here, if you’re (to be honest, like most Zekkyou fans) a total masochist, because Pandora sucks ass. If, however, you prefer quality (in music, as well as video) you could just get Zekkyou’s performance and the voting in HD.

アイドルお宝くじ #92 絶叫する60度 完全版 by iikotoarukamone

As is probably evident to anyone with at least half a brain, Zekkyou crushed their competition, even with the a cappella requisite, rendering even Marty Friedman (the narrator of the programme) speechless. Coming from a guy who can melt faces with just a guitar, that’s pretty quality.

The final round was filmed on Monday. No clue when it airs (not this week, as it’s Up Up Girls and more Team 8. Yay…) and fans are banned from discussing the result, but I’m cheerfully optimistic that they’ve taken the idea of loud idols further towards domination.

In two other pieces of Zekkyou news:

Montero is deleting everyone she follows on Twitter and adding them to a list instead. This doesn’t mean she hates you, although she probably does. I guess she’s just fed up of scrolling through thousands of people to find their schedule. Also Kai’s never followed anyone back, so it’s adding a bit more professionalism, I guess?

Lastly, Zekkyou actually appeared on another TV show. Problem was, with Japan’s prefecture based TV stations very rarely selling programmes nationally, it only aired in Saitama, Kanagawa and Tochigi. It was a show called Mirai Teibankyoku ~Future Standard~ and had them appear on 3 episodes as it documented their ridiculous touring of 11 consecutive nights touring in 11 cities.

Lastly, have a nice recent live.

Pozdrav fuckers.

Thank you, sir!

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  1. Being among the Nihongo challenged, this update is very much appreciated. I follow Screaming 60s as close as I can but can’t suss out this level of detail. Thanks much.

    Kai and Montero deserve all the success in the world, so I am very happy to hear all this.

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