Say, What’s Haruno Megumi Doing?

That little bit of business with Lyric Holic got me to wondering about my other favorite underground metal idol unit that survived the massive bloodletting that was 2016, but Mugen Regina themselves are still in the midst of turning their relaunch into something worth more serious following, BUT their official YouTube channel did up and follow a certain ex-member’s newly started channel, and said certain ex-member’s newly started account has fresh stuff on it!

Yeah, the last time we specifically saw Haruno Megumi, it was for a TV show; going back to when her solo musical career was first announced, though, those who have interest in her recreating the magic that was “from hell” have wondered exactly when that solo musical career was going to bear fruit. Then it did!

That is not what I expected from her!

There’s another new piece on her channel but I have no idea what it is:

Well, besides Megumi

Additional side note: I think that’s the most clothed I’ve seen Ms. Haruno pretty much ever.