Say, How’s Saki Doing in Life after Guso Drop?

When it was announced that Saki, the group’s original center, was graduating from Guso Drop at the end of last year, folks were understandably upset — for as much as Boss Rei is the spiritual heart of the group (and, you know, also the boss), Saki was its soul, a true singer who could bring the screams and shouts with the best of them. They even retired her color along with her.

It was also taken with a grain of salt; Saki’s departure from Guso Drop wasn’t an end for her, but a change, as she’d be shifting her career permanently to her other project, 2&. You can even look at her final live with Guso Drop as the end of an era for the group more than for her.

Anyway, now doing 2& full-time, Saki is able to keep doing what she loves, and we get to keep watching her do it.

You may have seen this video or any of a number of other clips around the various fan groups over the last couple of days. I chose this one to highlight because it’s very much in the spirit of things:

This one, too, the ever-important record store spot:

Good luck to you, Saki. If you’re interested in keeping up with her, there’s a fan group now on Facebook, and of course Twitter and her website.

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  1. Thanks for linking that first vid. Was a nice watch. The first song (“Chippoke Hero”) is coming out as a single soon, I think. Never heard the 2nd song before. Love the acoustic guitar arrangement of the 3rd song, haven’t heard it done like this before.

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