Say Hi to the New (& Improved?) Guso Drop

So the queens of underground idolcore, the inimitable Guso Drop, are on the verge of losing their leader. That’s sad. But they also have a fresh new release supported by a raucous video. That’s not sad at all! And they’re also taking the big positive steps toward their own sustainability by rolling out three new members to join in full once Saki transitions out:

Of course, Guso Drop, being less dedicated to chaos than reveling in it, may actually be preparing for their future careers. Very subtly, they’ve begun for themselves a side project of epic proportions:

Epic proportions … like, one could say that it’s … SUPER-SIZED!

Via the fan club

Naw, I’m just kidding around. It’s just Guso Drop screwing with us. I mean, junkie’s could be a thing unto itself, or a fun side project, or something for the Quads (that’s what I’m going to call them for no real reason) to keep doing after Saki moves on to 2& forever, sure, but it doesn’t seem like they’re taking it all that seriously (their location on Twitter is literally “joke”). “Taking a piss,” as the kids say.

3 thoughts on “Say Hi to the New (& Improved?) Guso Drop

  1. Waka is Wakapiku, who used to be in Gekidol. Then she was meant to be in Lolisyn REBOOT but quit two days before their live debut.

    I went to Junkies debut live the other day. It was really amusing, a lot of fans were wearing McDonalds paper bags over their heads as well. The group ate McDonalds during MC/buppan time and gave you a fry when you took a cheki with them.

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